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Barachois Verkündet das Ende der Band

Nach neun Jahren hat sich diese fantastische Band leider aufgelöst. Ihr letztes Konzert fand am 13. Dezember 2003 in der Nähe ihrer Heimat statt. Im Folgenden können Sie den original-Text lesen:

After nine years of touring the globe the Acadian musical group Barachois, from Prince Edward Island, Canada has decided that they wish to retire their act. Their final show is scheduled near their home and will be held at the Harbourfront Jubilee Theatre in Summerside, Prince Edward Island on December 13, 2003.

The decision to end the band, or any band for that matter, is a matter of timing and choice of lifestyle for the individual members. During their tenure as a band, they have created and released three recordings as well as six different shows presented over thousands of times in a wide number of countries and regions. The natural timing would now be such that at the end of 2003 it would be incumbent to create a new recording / show. The huge amount of work required in order to do so would warrant a 2-3 year extension of the band. While the individual memebers love so much of what they do, this renewed commitment has to be balanced against personal lifestyle issues. The reality of touring away from home much of the year, while enriching in and of itself, also requires a distancing from one's family and community. While there has always been an attempt to balance this where possible over the last nine years, the financial reality is such that in order to be successful, extensive touring is inevitable. Collectively the group members realized some time ago that eventually they would wish and need to return to a more normal lifestyle and that time has come.

Barachois has developed a much beloved presentation style and in the process have won the hearts of many fans worldwide. In addition they have made many friends through their music and many of these friendships will endure a lifetime. One of he wonderful aspects of grass roots music is that it is by nature up close and personal. The members of Barachois have been enriched by the many people they have met in their travels, people who have openly shared their communities and gone to great effort to present the band's performances to their public. The group members have also greatly appreciated the on-going support that they have received from their own community on the Island and have always held sacred their inherent roles as cultural ambassadors of that community.

The decision to end is mutual among the members and an amicable one. It has been a great run and all members will look back on Barachois' accomplishments with much pride.

There will be numerous opportunities for the public to see the band perform prior to their retirement as they have a busy touring schedule in place which will see them performing 120+ shows in the final half of the year. Details available at

On behalf of the members of Barachois, we wish to sincerely thank everyone who has ever helped to make their artistic careers possible. We would also like to acknowledge the contribution of all those who have kept the cultural traditions of the Island Acadians alive and well. We have cherished our role in being a part of that continuum.

Grady Poe-manager for Baracho

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