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von MichaelMorin

hunting lodge Clemenswerth was built according to the plans of the famous baroque architect Johann Conrad Schlaun as an all-star facility. The builder was the Wittelsbach Elector and Archbishop of Cologne, Clemens August. Eight linden avenues, each second of which is arranged in a double row, lead to the center, the hunting lodge. The magnificent building is surrounded by eight pavilions. One of them is marked with a small bell tower. It is the castle chapel with attached Capuchin monastery.

The Emslandmuseum Schloss Clemenswerth is a museum of cultural history, which in its collection, in addition to the Baroque interior, as well as paintings and graphics on the subject of Hümmling, combines an important collection of historical and contemporary ceramics. In the pavilions you can see exhibitions on the themes »Baroque hunting«, »Clemens August and the Teutonic Order« as well as »The management and historical castle kitchen«. With the exhibition series ForumFormClemenswerth, the museum offers a forum for contemporary art that also opens up new perspectives on the historical site.

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